Introducing Qbiss Notch by Trimo and Pininfarina

Qbiss Notch, is a landmark collaboration between Trimo and Pininfarina, the emblem of Italian elegance and a beacon of innovation in design. Qbiss Notch is the zenith of prefabricated modular metal wall systems and will redefine the direction of architectural design.

Qbiss Notch stands as the epitome of construction innovation, offering an advanced solution over traditional wall systems. This venture with Pininfarina is rooted in a shared mission: to make an impact thought beauty and innovation. It represents the merging of aesthetic allure, structural form, and functionality with unmatched investment value, heralding a new era in visionary architecture. This is not just a project; it's the mutual dedication to innovation, excellence, and sustainability. Witness the fusion of Trimo's engineering prowess with Pininfarina's design virtuosity.


Product Design

Trimo’s Qbiss Notch Wall System by Pininfarina are three core components that blend seamlessly to redefine the essence of modern façades:

Qbiss Panels: These long vertical panels come in varying sizes, offering a canvas for architectural expression. Their modularity and precision engineering ensure a harmonious integration into diverse architectural contexts, from sleek modern buildings to more complex, dynamic structures.

Engraved Curves: The Notch Wall System introduces an alphabet of curves and glyphs, engraved directly onto the Qbiss panels. This unique feature allows for a dynamic embossment depth that can vary from 0 to 2 mm, depending on the design requirements. This engraving process not only adds a tactile dimension to the façade but also plays with light and shadow, bringing the surface to life and creating a visually compelling narrative.

Plugins: Decorative and lighting plugins, or "wings", offer additional customisation and functionality. Available in two proportional scales and sizes, these plugins can accommodate different profiles and materials, enhancing the façade's aesthetic and illumination. The ceramic finish of some elements brings artisanal and handmade details into play, covered with brilliant and persuasive glazes, while aluminium elements recall the high-speed reflections of automotive design, adding a layer of sophistication and speed.

The Qbiss Notch Wall System is not just a product but a holistic design philosophy that merges Trimo's engineering prowess with Pininfarina's unparalleled design language. It is a system designed for both exterior and interior applications, adaptable across a wide range of building scales. This versatility is further enriched by the system's ability to customise engravings, allowing architects and designers to create unique, site-specific patterns and compositions that resonate with their vision and the building's context.

For an in-depth exploration of Qbiss Notch, including detailed insights into its components, applications, and the philosophy behind its creation, please refer to the comprehensive brochure here:

Qbiss Notch by Trimo and Pininfarina

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