Trimo UK Ltd. is a building envelope contractor that was established in 2001 and is part of multi-national company, Trimo Group, who sell its products and services across more than 60 countries worldwide. The company’s core business is the manufacture and supply of architectural façades, walls and roof systems for a variety of building applications throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Registered name: Trimo, architectural solutions, d.o.o.
Address: Prijateljeva cesta 12, 8210 Trebnje, Slovenia 
Telephone: +386 (0)7 34 60 200 
Fax: +386 (0)7 34 60 127 
Website: www.trimo-group.com 
E-mail: trimo@remove-this.trimo-group.com
Registration number: 5033411000 
Tax number: SI85524310 
Bank account: 02970-0016809489, opened at NLB, d.d. 
Company activity: DJ/28.110 Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures 
Entry number in court register: Srg 94/01924, District court of Novo mesto

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Trimo d.o.o.
Prijateljeva cesta 12
8210 Trebnje

T: +386 (0)7 34 60 200
F: +386 (0)7 34 60 432
E: trimo@trimo-group.com

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