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Trimo creates high-quality, innovative, environmentally friendly and safe products that meet clients’ most varied needs. Product safety  is checked in-house and by top-class foreign independent certified laboratories and institutes. The quality of Trimo’s products is systematically monitored and upgraded based on its findings. Its products are energy efficient, fire safe, recyclable and have a low CO2 footprint, whilst also providing healthy living and working environment.


Trimo’s strength lies in providing individualised tailor made solutions. The combination of its own R&D department, technical consulting and team of Sales professionals, allows the company to act quickly and offer you the best architectural solution for your project.

Tailor Made Solutions


Customer Service

From an initial idea to the final implementation: Trimo supports you throughout every phase of your architectural project. Trimo’s expert team is a partner you can count on to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire duration of your project - from planning and purchasing to project management and creation, as well as flawless implementation.

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