Qbiss One passed the tests on ift Rosenheim institute

The German institute ift Rosenheim recently performed several tests for our Qbiss One modular metal façade system

The testing institute is an internationally active, technical-scientific service provider and specialist for the evaluation of the fitness for use of construction products. The spectrum of ift Rosenheim’s services comprises, among other things, facade tests according to EN 13830, fire tests according to EN 1364 as well as glass and building material tests. (ift Rosenheim November 2019, https://www.ift-rosenheim.de/home)  

Our Qbiss One was tested at the central laboratory Rosenheim in the following 3 categories: air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind load.

Qbiss One achieved the excellent Class 4 rating on the air permeability test (done according to test standard EN 12152:2002 02), which indicates that the panel was tested under pressures up to 600 Pa and had below the class limit of air permeability through the system along the panel joint and overall system area.

The water tightness test results, too, confirmed the exceptional performance of Qbiss One.
The system meets the requirements for class R7 according to EN 12154:1999-12. The panel was tested under static pressure at a water flow rate 2l/m2min at up to a test differential of + 600 Pa and no water penetration through the façade system was detected.   

The third performance component tested was the resistance to wind load, tested according to EN 13116:2001-07. One of the Qbiss One panel samples was exposed to wind load at positive wind pressure up to + 1,91 kPa and negative wind pressure up to -2,51 kPa. Deflections measured during this exposure were below L/200 and below 15 mm, which means our panel successfully passed this test as well. 

Assuring the ultimate performance of our products is a very crucial priority for Trimo. That is why we have our own internal team dedicated to testing and certification processes, with clear efforts being made to keep ahead of innovations and to serve our customers´ needs.
This team was taking care of executing the testing with ift Rosenheim institute and numerous other external partners. Our products and solutions have received more than 1,500 certificates in 23 countries worldwide, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE, LPCB, FM Approved, CWCT, GOST R, SBSC, CSTB, Ü and many others.