The reputable BigSEE award for Trimo installation

We are proud to announce that we won the BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD in the Installation/ exhibition category with our installation for the international trade fair BAU 2019 in Munich. 

There were multiple requirements to consider in a creative execution on just 63 m² of exhibition space – we needed space for random visitors, for group and for individual presentations and for business meetings that required seating areas, as well as a small kitchen and a storage.

The result was an impressive white installation, showcasing a ventilated facade system and a total wall solution, with sitting space available for the visitors and LED light incorporated in the fixing detail on the top and at the bottom, giving an ambient atmosphere. A tree in the centre of the installation represented closeness to nature and sustainability and the clean, open plan was designed to offer a rich VR experience for the visitors.

The idea came from Trimo’s architects Mojca Šavnik and Špela Lokar, who presented the project within the BIG ARCHITECTURE festival, taking place in Ljubljana on October 9th.  

˝ We decided to follow the empty canvas rule of art galleries to bring out the essence of all samples, but on the other hand, we also wanted to create a neutral background installation that has a meaning and can be explored through Trimo´s well-taught architectural details.˝

Trimo architects Mojca Šavnik and Špela Lokar