3rd Meeting for Q-Air European project was held in Germany

Kohlbecker hosted the 3rd meeting of the Q-Air project, which is part of the Horizon 2020 EU-Programme. The project is dedicated to the innovative sustainable glass façade Q-Air and its broad positive impacts across architecture, building industry, environment and society. The meeting was held in Gaggenau from 9th till 10th November 2017.
Q-Air project partners from Slovenia, Sweden, Italy and Germany (Trimo,  ZAGCantori,  Skandinaviska GlassystemKohlbecker) presented an overview of the performed work. To highlight some of the realised activities: Q-Air BIM library for advanced building information modelling is being created (Revit, Archicad); progress being made in the development of the Q-Air system, such as large size elements, refurbishment system, additional cover materials; Q-Air was presented at the leading architectural, science and innovation events, such as Advanced Building Skins in Switzerland, architect@work in Germany, WAF 2017. The following activities of the Q-Air project were discussed within workshops to obtain the best outcomes of the project. The Q-Air innovative solution is creating great interest among professional and wider audiences, such as architects, facade consultants, investors and other stakeholders. What makes Q-Air glass facade the best of its kind? The researchers and experts combined the benefits of curtain walls and windows, then merged these together with the appropriate materials and the end result is the innovative Q-Air glass facade elements and systems, which show significant higher performance as typical glass curtain walls, reduce construction time and assure huge, glazed surfaces.    
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