Trimo´s insulated building envelope products and solutions make refurbished and new buildings highly energy efficient, pleasant and safe in all weather conditions worldwide. With excellent thermal insulation and airtightness of walls, external facades, roofs and integrated elements such as openings and doors, Trimo helps its clients to significantly decrease their energy consumption and costs, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and enjoy in thermally pleasant and stable interior climate.

Furthermore, using Trimo´s advanced insulated building envelope solutions there will be less need for building refurbishments in the future due to high-end technical and energy performance, quality of materials and precisely prefabricated elements ready to be used.



Savings on energy and costs through reduced heat losses and prevented excessive solar gains.

Low energy consumption

Very low energy consumption towards Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB).

Superior thermal insulation levels (U value)

U ≥ 0.15 W/m2 K for prefabricated metal total wall solution Qbiss One
U ≥ 0.15 W/mK for insulated fire-proof panels Trimoterm

Building Airtightness

From basic to extreme level - exceeding the level of passive buildings by a factor of 10.

Energy efficient refurbishments

Efficient refurbishments of old buildings for significant energy consumption reduction.

Performance and consultancy service

Energy performance service and consultancy to improve or optimise energy performance of buildings.

Energy performance service

Trimo’s team of experts can perform Energy Performance Calculations and issue Certifications, which will set out the energy efficiency grade of a particular building. It will also consult about how to improve the energy efficiency of either a new or an existing building so that it will consume less energy, save money and impact less on the environment.

Trimo’s accredited energy assessors will provide energy performance calculations for any kind of building at any location worldwide, while Energy Performance Certificates are provided in accordance to Slovenian Building Regulations.


Energy Performance Calculator