Trimo wants buildings to be comfortable and safe. Fire safety in buildings is a broad concept that refers to protecting people, animals, property and places, as well as the environment, from the often devastating effects of fire and deadly smoke.

  • 50% of the fire deaths are due to inhalation of smoke and toxic combustion gases only.
  • More than 4,000 deaths and 70,000 hospitalizations every year due to fire and smoke related injuries - that’s nearly 200 people every day.
  • 126 billion € equivalent to 1% of European GDP is eaten up by fire damage each year.



Maximised protection of people, animals, property and environment in case of fire.

Peace of mind

Products are tested and certified by leading international third-parties FM Approvals and LPCB.

Fire resistance

Fireproof cladding and long fire resistance of walls and roofs - Qbiss One up to two hours (EI120), Trimoterm up to four hours (EI240).

Fire classified non-combustible cladding

Highest fire classified non-combustible material with Euroclass A1 does not add any energy to fire.

Non-toxic smoke

Non-toxic and non-deadly smoke emitted in case of fire.

Insurance savings

Insurance savings and reduced property loss risk.

Fire Test

Building products with different insulation cores are available in the construction market such as mineral wool and foams. Their fire resistance and their performance to fire vary significantly

Choosing fire-rated facades, walls and roofs whose core is non-combustible is a certain way of ensuring that they do not contribute to a flashover in a fire and will not significantly increase fire intensity at any stage.


The tests show that in a real fire situation sandwich panels vary in performance depending upon the core type and that PUR and PIR sandwich panels produce substantial amounts of toxic smoke.

From left to right: polyurethane (PUR), mineral wool (MW), polyisocyanurate (PIR) sandwich panels

Watch the Video using different sandwich panel types in real fire situation.

Certificates and approvals

Trimo’s building envelopes, which have been assessed and tested under the toughest conditions including fire tests and test for hurricane zones, offer peace of mind for all building stakeholders and enable insurance savings

Trimo building products, systems and solutions have been tested and approved to Factory Mutual (FM 4880, FM 4881) and Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPS 1208) standards to comply with property insurers risk requirements. For fire and other certificates for countries contact Trimo Technical Support

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