Trimo BIM Software Tool

The Trimo BIM (Building Information Modelling) software tool ensures efficient management of information process throughout the entire lifespan of the building and enables fast and efficient design of the building envelope according to latest architecture and construction trends.
Global approach and customer flexibility were starting points for the tool development. Trimo BIM libraries are suitable for GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD and Autodesk Revit 2012-2016 software.
The simplicity and precision of the tool enables quick, precise, and aesthetically perfected design of Trimo façade systems in a virtual environment, an overview of the parameters, information, and advantages of the chosen system. It also speeds up the communication with Trimo in the initial phase of designing architecture and therefore increases the quality of the architectural realisation.





ARCHICAD is available for MacOS and Windows operating systems. ARCHICAD supports IFC, PDF, DXF, OBJ, 3DS, and other formats.

QBISS ONE façade system:

Qbiss One Instructions ARCHICAD

Qbiss One Library ARCHICAD

Qbiss One ARCHICAD Library Video Instructions


Trimo youtube

Trimoterm roof and façade system:

Trimoterm Instructions ARCHICAD

Trimoterm library ARCHICAD

Q-Air façade system:

Q-Air Instructions ARCHICAD

Q-Air Library ARCHICAD

Q-Air Demo Case ARCHICAD


Revit is available for Windows operating systems. File export is enabled in IFC, DWG, FBX, and other formats.

QBISS ONE façade system:

Qbiss One Revit Video Instructions

Trimoterm roof and façade system:

Trimoterm Revit 2016 Library Download

Trimoterm Revit 2017 Library Download

Trimoterm Revit 2018 Library Download

Q-Air façade system:

Q-Air Revit 2018 Library Download

Q-Air Revit 2018 Demo Case

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