Ultimate Aesthetic

Extreme flatness, rounded corners without cuts, folds or welds. 

Highest Quality

Completely prefabricated and self-supporting exterior metal wall system

Active Sustainability

High energy efficiency, fire safety and non-toxicity, extreme air and water tightness, high recyclability and low emissions. 

Time & Cost Saving

No cost for structural wall or additional sub-construction, no fabrication on-site, lower installation and maintenance costs and reduced construction time. 


Qbiss One delivers the greatest freedom of expression and offers designs of almost limitless possibilities. Without doubt it is one of the smoothest and flattest exterior metal wall systems in its class.

The wall element itself is distinguished by a unique and patented rounded corner, which eliminates the need for any rivets, cuts or welding, which would be visible on a traditional metal rainscreens.

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Qbiss One prefabricated and complete exterior wall solution can shorten construction times by up to 40% and drastically reduce total investment costs. It also increases the quality of the building envelope and as such ensures a longer and safer life expectancy of the building. 

Obiss One system advantages

Conventional built-up system disadvantages

  • Qbiss One features a unique rounded corner, which is formed in a simple operation eliminating any cuts, folds or welds. State-of-the-art production techniques ensure exceptional element flatness.
  • Qbiss One elements are self-spanning with no requirement for secondary support sections. Maximum element span is 6.5 metres.
  • All elements are prefabricated and produced on an automated, robotic production line. The prefabrication process saves time and the cost of construction on site.
  • The integral non-combustible insulation forms a continuous blanket throughout the envelope system ensuring no direct cold bridges and excellent acoustic insulation.
  • The full exterior metal wall system, including integrated windows, is tested to CWCT standards ensuring an air- and water-tight envelope.
  • Conventional built-up wall systems consist of an inner wall, insulation, a cavity, and an outer rainscreen. Structural penetrations are potential water ingress points as well as cold bridges.
  • Rainscreen system has limited spanning capability and requires stiffeners to increase spans
  • Corners formed by cutting and folding create a potential point of weather ingress and are less aesthetically pleasing compared to a corner formed as a one-part process.
  • Conventional built-up wall systems are a two-wall multi-component installation, often requiring two different installation teams. This is costly and not always a continuous operation as well as extending the activities and construction time on site.
  • Conventional built-up wall systems often suffer from the external and internal layers of the walls having different thermal expansions, which can cause excessive movement leading to air and water leakage at critical interface points.


  • No cost for structural wall or additional sub-construction
  • No on-site fabrication
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs
  • Reduced build time 
Save time and money with Qbiss One prefabricated façade system
Save time and money with Qbiss One prefabricated façade system


Qbiss One was developed with sustainability in mind, being engineered with high energy efficiency, fire safety and non-toxicity, extreme air- and water-tightness, high recyclability and low emissions. 

Energy Efficiency

The Qbiss One exterior metal wall system was designed to provide a comfortable living environment in accordance with the requirements of physical construction conditions in buildings. Qbiss One systems, with mineral wool insulation, achieve high thermal insulation level with U value of 0.16 W/m2K at 240 mm thickness.

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Fire Safety

The element’s core is made of mineral wool, which is a class A1 non–combustible material and does not add any energy to a fire. The entire exterior wall system has an A2 classification and assures at least two hours of fire resistance (integrity and insulation) with a thickness of 133 mm.

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Non-Toxic Smoke

Non-combustible insulation materials, like mineral wool, do not emit toxic smoke, which is acknowledged to be the major cause of death in fires as opposed to the fire itself.

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Air- and Water-tightness

Tested to the most demanding conditions of CWCT standards, the Qbiss One façade system provides a superior air- and water-tight envelope. Qbiss One also passed the tough FM 4881 hurricane test. The tests were carried out by Wintech Engineering Ltd, one of the UK’s most respected, independent, UKAS accredited testing laboratories.

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Recyclability and Emissions

The Qbiss One exterior wall system is made of environmentally friendly materials, is 98% recyclable and has a low CO2 footprint of just 44 kg/m2 (LCA) during the lifetime of the building, whilst also delivering a pleasant working environment. 

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