Compared to conventional rainscreen systems, Qbiss Screen provides a number of technical advantages that open the product up to the widest construction applications.

  • Completely prefabricated elements delivered on site
  • Structural spans up to 6500 mm
  • Extreme flatness
  • Reaction to fire - Class A2
  • 50 mm element thickness
  • Low weight
  • Wide range of formats
  • 99% recyclable


Element thickness (mm) 50
Weight (kg/m²) Fe 0.7/Fe 0.6 14,4
Core Aluminium Honeycomb
Reaction to fire - Element (EN 13501-1) A2*
Element width (mm) 600-1200
Element length (mm) 550-6500
* Valid for individual elements of surface >3 m². Please check with Trimo technical support for your specific individual project requirements. 


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