Trimoterm horizontal installation
Horizonta linsulated wall panel system

Horizontal façade 

A horizontal installation of a façade is extremely effective due to the self-supporting characteristics of Trimoterm façade panels; technically it ensures optimal usage of the façade panels’ load-bearing capacity. A horizontal installation enables the use ofdifferent panel widths, numerous details and various textures. The basic fixing method of a horizontal façade involves the use of the aluminium HF102 profile. It is possible to combine various widths of panels too.

Trimoterm vertical installation
Vertica linsulated wall panel system

Vertical façade

Vertical panel installation follows classical installation methods and is the most suitable choice for high constructions with heavy external loading.

Trimoterm segmental installation
Segmenta linsulated wall panel system

Segmental façade

A segmental façade enables the formation of rounded surfaces and gives buildings a new dimension. Standard segmental façade solutions provide quick, simple and reliable construction of even the most demanding buildings.


Trimoterm fireproof façade standard fixing


Trimoterm standard system (FTV) represents the basic fixing method of Trimoterm panels and is suitable for horizontal, vertical and segmental installation of panels.

Trimoterm fireproof façade hidden fixing
INVISIO system

INVISIO system

Trimoterm FTV Invisio (FTV HL) fireproof façade panels offer a clean façade outlook with no visible fixings. Panels are mainly intended for vertical installation, but under certain conditions and with limitations, can also be used for various horizontal cladding applications.


Steel sheet metal is hot galvanised in compliance with EN 10346, and additionally protected by an organic coating in accordance with the coil-coating process (DIN EN 10169/1).

The following basic types of organic coatings protection are applied to steel sheet metal based on:

  • SP polyester
  • PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride
  • PUR polyurethane
  • PVC polyvinyl chloride, coating or film

We have a wide range of colour finishes available for any building, which are engineered to capture the perfect look internally or externally of the building design. Colours available are: white (R9010), grey white (R9002), cream (R1015), light grey (R7035), agate grey (R7038), tele grey 2 (R7046), silver (R9006), dark silver (R9007), traffic red (R3020), moss green (R6005), gentian blue (R5010) and anthracite (R7016).

Wide range of colour finishes available.
Wide range of colour finishes available


Panel thickness [mm] 50 – 240
Max. achievable fire resistance (EN 14509) EI 30 - EI 240
Combustibility of insulant core (EN 13501-1) Non - combustible, class A1
Airborne sound insulation Rw (C;Ctr) (dB) EN 14509             30 (-2, -3), 32 (-1, -2)
Cover width [mm] 600 - 1200
Panel length [m] up to 14
Weight FTV [kg/m²], (Fe 0.55/Fe 0.5) 14.4 – 38.0
*U Thermal transmittance [W/m²K] (EN 14509) 0.77 – 0.15           

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